What is the best graphic design software for beginners?


today talking about how to pick the best software as you’re becoming a graphic designer so if you’re just getting into the industry you’re wondering what software should I pick up to be a graphic designer there are quite a few options out there now and you want to know okay which programs are used for the specific uses well you land on the right article this will help you really understand how to pick and use each software correctly and Before we jump into the content if you have a question there’s a question submit for them down there as well all right

so let’s jump into the best software for graphic designers now the first thing you want to think about is what is the industry use it’s what’s the industry standard how can you communicate with other graphic designers with other creatives in the industry of creativity well one of the most popular products is the Adobe suite so


Adobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesign,  and all the connecting software’s that they have released this has become the industry standard.

Adobe Photoshop.

specific use as a graphic designer so for instance if you’re doing photo editing you need to be using Adobe Photoshop because you’ll be masking out photos you’ll be airbrushing maybe skinned you’ll be changing colors and tones and there’s so much you can do in Photoshop if you’re an artist I’m going to be doing digital painting during me using Photoshop so that is why Photoshop in specifically the Adobe’s product line is so important so the reason you’ll be using Photoshop for all of those needs is that is a pixel-based program use these tiny little pixels to build up each of your designs.

Adobe Illustrator.

illustrator is great for logo design for creating a little vector or graphic images and the reasonable thing is the word effective is because that’s a vector based program so what that means is that it is very smooth around the edges you’re not going to get pixelation because compared to the pixel-based version of Photoshop it is scalable so you can make your graphics or logos very large or very small and it will not lose quality so make sure you’re never designing a logo in Photoshop and you’re never trying to paint something in Illustrator each program has their specific uses all right now let’s look at InDesign this is the packager as I say it and what this does is this takes your Photoshop assets your illustrator assets and your images and everything you need and it follows it down into a deliverable software it has grids it has page layouts it has great structure for you to finalize your documents whether you’re making an e-book or you’re just putting a post to the web I think


InDesign is very important because it has all the export qualities it has the ability to save in multiple files and it’s just a very robust program for laying out designs and so I think many people are overlooking the power of InDesign and they need to be using it so but as you’re getting into the graphic design industry don’t forget to use each product for specific uses now I know there’s many other products like Corel that can be useful for graphic design but I just think you need to be up on the industry standard I think it’s very important so I hope this post has helped you about the best software for graphic designers and again if you have any questions pop that in the submission below

I’ll see you here in the next episode

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