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freelance is a company for people just like you actually we are an online system that helps freelancers designers artists and all other creative types manage their invoices time projects and communication client communications etc and one suite while we imagine for the logo is just a text freelance we can’t think of any icon or symbol that would encompass all creative types we wouldn’t want the logo to be a pen tool icon or some other graphic design specific icon we need the logo to be versatile and that any freelance person can connect with it

if you can think of an icon that will work go for it if not we’d really love to see just a really clean type based logo with our name thank you Karen Lackey freelance let’s see what we can do one two nikka okay so they just wanted they just want text they just wanna a text which is which is very boring to me but whatever you know whatever so I came up with maybe eight fonts that I liked recently I’ve developed a deeper appreciation of serif fonts when I first started InDesign all I ever did was sans-serif I guess if you know it’s just easier on your brain but now I deeply appreciate serif fonts and in fact I almost prefer them now yeah really yeah it’s quite interesting anyways so I got like eight fonts that I liked and I put the skinny version in the left column and then I I made like either medium or thick versions in the right column and then out of those I chose four that I liked to customize so here you’re looking at two choices that I’m I’ve tried to customize this one I slanted all the ease up and to the right I think that makes it a little

more unique customized a little bit and when you slant the ease up to the right just makes it a little bit more fun and if you’re thinking about like freelance or progressing and things and then pointing up to the right is you know whatever pretty indicative of it and then I got this really really really really Jen game religion he joined the really floral I have font and it was just too much I got rid of stuff and then I tried to thicken parts that I wanted to be a little bit thicker this was the third flaunt a font I thought would be kind of interesting to try now I was onto the fourth one the fourth and the second one like this one and the one below it looked very similar there are some differences mainly it’s just how condensed they are the top ones more condensed so from here on out

I just went like back and forth on all four of the ideas and I tried to put together oh yeah one thing I wanted to do was I wanted to see if I could put a little bit more of a twist on it like maybe it’s for freelancing in la-la land Glee’s so I tried to maybe mark that out somehow with either different colors or a little bit of an underline or a background X cetera I wanted to use green because green is energetic and fun but I it seems as though many many are all green so I don’t know I got to a point where I had maybe six options but here they are please leave in the comments below which one is your favorite bro yeah or which one you would go with or which one is least terrible, okay okay so I so just vote one through six personally I’m leaning toward one four or five not necessarily just because five is it looks kind of the most visually interesting to me I don’t know if the box and all the letters are perfect or anything but

I think visually it’s it’s kind of fun and interesting so yeah I kind of like one four and five so we’ll see where they go but but leave your vote in the comments below tick-tock on the clock this is my finished logo MOC definitely round I’m certain that it did not please the design god Emil okay Nika okay I got to finish some extra screens and make the survey section when you sign up it it tells you which color group you’ll be put into I need to I need to mock up that a little bit better and I think I’ve fleshed out some pretty cool questions quick update to art week number one I had to pause the logo design contest because we need to make everything as fair as possible and

I was using a WordPress plugin unlike what we have right now which is not it’s not the app at all but it is a WordPress prior where it was a WordPress plugin and there just wasn’t any security you could revote after a little while and I’m pretty sure there were some bots and things were so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait a little while and the law the Arts Week logo competition will be the first week’s design prompt for our awesome design Club Art Week hopefully that’ll be good everything will be fair a little update how we’re doing I’m working with a developer we got most of them most of the back-end database system up and running we’re just waiting on a few details hopefully we can get to like a beta testing time in about a month and then I’m thinking about accepting like maybe a hundred people maybe a hundred people to the club to be like beta testers alright that’s cool okay

I finished the extra screens that I needed to thank you so much for being here let me know in the comments below what you thought about the freelance free pants logo okay stay awesome possum and I’ll see you later alligator tomorrow morning bye

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