Graphic Design Simple Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Design


Graphic Design Simple Tips And Tricks

what’s up everyone I’m Sojib Mahrab I’m a creative director here at blind and the future today I’m going to review a poster design a logo design and design style frame and the reason why I’m covering a breadth of work is just to show you that design principles are the same no matter what you’re doing so things for scale contrast legibility all of these things are important in everything that you do across all design mediums just so you guys know affinity designer is sponsoring this episode and we’ll be using their app to critique your work get into it so

the first design we’re gonna be looking at is submitted by Liam Liam created this poster for a company who was hosting a FIFA World Cup night I really like how he used just typography for this he used the different country codes here BR a CRI I think the hierarchy is pretty nice so we have this bolder game at night right here in the center and then the details to the right I feel like we could push the hierarchy a little bit better so it’s a little bit clearer because for me when I read this and I’m thinking about what the user and user needs to read they need to read this first this

second and then these elements third so I think there’s a couple of things we could do I want to highlight this information here in the center a little bit better you can do some fun stuff like this where this almost feels like it’s a band right and we are highlighting that information so now what happened we can’t see that type up here I think I just need to introduce a secondary color in here I think I want to bring back this orange actually so I’m going to do a bit of a color overlay so now if we’re looking at this thing the hierarchy seems a bit clearer now highlighting this information right in the center first and these things second I do have to make some adjustments though because see

this very uncomfortable area right here that’s bugging the heck out of me and I think we just need a little bit more air a little bit more space in this margin between the type I’m just gonna make a slight tweak to the scale of this thing okay the hierarchy looks a lot clearer now we have this nice band that’s highlighting the primary and secondary information first and then we just have the type as more of a textural thing initially with this I think just some minor tweaks and the hierarchy and colors makes a huge impact in the legibility and the information than in how you read it now we’re gonna look at Joel style frame he was a student in my style frames course and he did this as part of the

assignment for the class the assignment was to create a zombie apocalypse style frame I think this is a fantastic style frame it looks very beautiful okay so what I like is that he has this nice one-point perspective where everything feels like it’s going towards our main character right here so this is super nice because all the lines the invisible lines that you actually don’t see are leading and pointing us to this character right here even did some really neat things with the character on the floor right here this little zombie that’s crawling after him he has all of these leading lines in the

frame that’s helping point our eye and director our eye at the the key thing so the big issue that I have with this frame is it’s very dark and it’s hard to see all of these beautiful details that I know he has in here so there’s some easy things that we can do let’s start by first lifting the blacks a little bit so what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a color correction here I’m just going to add some curves so curves if you look at this-this is the graph or the spline for the curves down here it’s the low values and up here is the bright values so if I’m just adding points to my spline here what I’m doing is I’m literally taking the low end also all the dark ranges and I’m pulling it up and you can see this is

pulling up this area right here which is not what I want because it’s making all of this blown out so I need to add another point and bring that down so now you can see with this on and off how much more detail we can see in there I still don’t like how muddy it’s getting up here but you know we could just paint a mask for this so the way that this mask is going to work is that I’m just going to paint in some black values and those black values is where the mask is going to paint out some of the color correction that I added so as you can see right here I’m starting to knock this out all I’m doing is just painting out that color correction layer that I had this and that’s helping us so that it’s not so bright so you can see the difference here now that I’m excluding this part of that color correction I think we could

still punctuate the subject right here and the way we’re going to do that is we’re just going to add more visual contrast now we have the contrast on him so let’s look at that again so this was before he’s kind of receding back into the fog which is kind of cool but at the same time he’s the key subject in here he’s the primary subject so I just added this a little crudely but you could see now the difference we’re looking at everything as a whole now you can see that all the contrast point is right here he’s very clear and that’s where our eyes are going so we can continue to finesse this and play with it but I think overall Joel already did a great job with composing this frame I’m just messing around with the little details I’m sure he’s worked on this for many many hours doing the same things

turning things up turning things down and sometimes you can get very very obsessive with these but I think we can move on I think you guys picked up a couple of tricks all right so now we are going to look at a logo design so this was submitted by Herman and Herman created this logo for their design studio there’s a couple of minor things that I think we could do to this logo lock up to make it feel a little bit more strong so I’m looking at the alignment of where the type is going relative to this illustration of the baron so if we’re looking at the angles like this kind of comes out this way and then this thing if we follow this line down kind of goes in a weird area like we have all this negative space and what I’m trying to do is just to lock these up so it feels a little bit more Center to that and so that this type right here and this part of the typeface the of the logo are lining up a little bit better with this so I’m gonna just make

some minor adjustments here so what I’m trying to do is visually balance this space right here and then this space right here so we can get a little bit more alignment let me try and just have this of the left and the right is all aligning in the right places yeah this is starting to feel a little bit better now it feels a little bit more sturdy because we have this black typefaces at the base and I’m just having this come off just a little bit so these are minor things that we can do and again we can finesse this I’d probably spend a couple more hours just like maneuvering and moving all the type kerning left and right just to make this feel right and also massaging this space right here it’s not perfect yet but I think with time that thing will get perfected yeah really good work I think this is pretty solid and I didn’t really have

to do much to make this look awesome so it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in I think all design design industries share very similar principles is it hitting your objectives does it communicate and is it technically sound as far as following the general rules of design so as you can see with all the things we review today I made minor adjustments to each of them which are all fairly related about where the eye is going what you need to read first second and third and making sure the things that we need to see what the viewer needs to see is crystal clear so the

cool thing about affinity designer app is the first fully featured vector design app on iPad and you know you just pay for this one time and there are no subscription fees you can combine vector and raster editing in one app and this is pretty unique because I haven’t seen this anywhere else this app is optimized for the latest iPad and Apple pencil technology and you guys saw I was using that today thanks for joining me today I hope the tips in today’s video helped you guys out and hopefully your designs at home get to improve just by patting a couple of these tips that I shared with you guys today so if you liked this video make sure to like and leave a comment below let me know

if you want to see more of this or other types of design you might want to be reviewed till next time guys

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