Flyer Design Tips And Tricks Make Your Flyer Effective 2019


Flyer Design Tips

when you look at a flyer what do you see what impression does it give you does it get your attention and would you take the flyer inside for a closer read in just a few seconds intentionally or not this is what your customers are thinking so you need to make those few seconds count armed with the following flyer design essentials you can have a big say on the response your flyer receives before you design sync strategy and these three points target audience key message and call-to-action know who your target audience

so you know who to impress if you are a fashion retailer or local cafe owner think about your best existing customers age location gender marital status children income level and needs what key characteristics would stand out if you squeezed your best customers into one body this is who your flyer should focus on identifying a key message that will resonate with your target audience this is often a short and simple point of interest or feature that makes your business unique or better than your competitors

formulate a measurable call-to-action or offer to get your audience excited for example turn your flyer into a voucher that readers need to bring into the store to claim to consider also including a time frame to claim the offer this helps build urgency and makes measuring uptake more accurate and easier now you’re equipped with the strategy to let’s get into the design to give your design real power clean and simple is king and less is more avoid clutter loads of words and hard to read fonts use colors and images that will resonate with your audience remember pictures can speak louder than words and can help portray

the personality of your business in your design also consider the tangible flyer itself for example paper stock to convey quality even form cut shapes and QR codes are effective techniques used to get attention and lead readers to your online presence finally when you’re happy with your design test it focus testing on people that fit your target audience profile what impression does it give them does it get their attention and would they take up the offer conquer these questions and you’ll give yourself the best chance for success

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