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Hey everybody.helping you create something awesome today. So today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about logo design and I actually have a great friend, Will Patterson, who’s one of the most tremendous logo designers I think I’ve ever seen. Logo design can be especially challenging for new designers. So Will’s gonna share with us his top five tips for logo design,

  1. always start on paper. Since people have started using their creative and artistic abilities on the computer, we have mainly stuck towards that medium. And I think a lot of us have lost our ability to draw our ideas on plain paper. I guess people think that it’s easier just creating it on computer, but let me tell you this. When you’re drawing on paper, you’re actually limiting the tools that you can use to create this logo design, which means that you’ll have to go for simple shapes. Even if you’ve got the idea already in your head, drawing it down on a piece of scrap paper with a pen and a pencil will mean that you’ll have the idea physically in front of you for you to see. You’ll also don’t have to worry about any of the distractions with an illustrator, with any of the tools. You’re just using pencil and paper. When you do this, you’ll come up with newer and better ideas than you did prior to that one, because you’re only using pencil and paper. You don’t have to be an artist to do this. You just have to be able to draw on piece of paper. There’s web designers that will draw their plan on a piece of paper first. People who are creating a layout or a business card always draw on paper first, just because it’s easier, and you’re getting a bit more of that natural effect to what you’re doing.
  2. Tips number two, design your logo in black and white. This is a controversial tip. I think a lot of people now think that color is very key to the logo. But I would suggest that color is very key to the branding of the company rather than the logo it self. If you were to take the company Orange, which was a Telecom’s communication company and take the orange out of the logo, you would still recognize that logo. So it doesn’t really have a huge part to play with the logo design all the time. But when you have a company like Google and their logo, it has a major part to play. And it just really depends on what side you’re on. But as a general rule of practice, I always suggest creating a logo without using colors first, so you can get the simple shapes out there, first. I always start with black, and I carry on until I feel comfortable adding color. Otherwise, I just get distracted and start using color as the front man of what I’m doing. If I design it with color first, I may be too focused on the color rather than the actual vector itself. Just adding a black or white always means that people every time we able to identify and see that logo whether it’s in full color or black and white in the newspaper.
  3. Tip number three, don’t expect to get it the first time. By this, I mean don’t expect to make the best logo design the first time you start creating it. We live in an instant generation, where everything is at the tips of our fingertips and one click and a second away. So it is frustrating for a lot of us when we’re creating something that we don’t create it very quickly. But the whole idea of  logo design is that it’s a trial and error process. When you’re generating on paper, the ideas for a logo design just a quick, rough sketch is. It may take a few days of work to actually come up with a solid concept for that company. ‘Til then, it just takes a lot of sketching and a lot of looking at the logo to actually work out whether it works functionally with the company. But if you are a little bit demotivated form doing this, then spend some time getting inspiration online and in some books, and remain confident in what you are doing. Just know that this process is working and your brain is working at its full capacity. Just go easy on yourself, and you’ll see that the logo will come in time.
  4. Change your routine. If you’re a creative person, you’ll often find that you’ll be stuck in little ruts in your brain where you just feel like you have this creative block. I get this a lot of the time when I’m designing logos. And I speak to a lot of the logo designers, and they feel the same way. They just don’t know how to proceed when their designing these letters, or these logos. What I’ve learned to do in these situations is to change my routine in what I’m doing at that day to get a different result. A lot of people don’t like the change in routine, but when you’re working with some of it, and you feel like that you just stuck. It’s important to change or turn up something that you’re actually doing so that you can get a different perspective. This could mean that you have lunch somewhere else. This means that you should work in a different environment. For a lot of the time,
  5. I work in a coffee shop. Or I’ll work downstairs in this house. Just to get a different feel so I get different ideas. You could go for a walk or a bike ride if you just feel like you’re about to explode. And that normally helps with your brain and also gives you a bit of down time so you can think of different ideas too. . .
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